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Joshua Onward coach at Othisi Training

Joshua Onward


Memory updated Josh grew up just south of Chicago in Northwest Indiana before moving to Nashville in 2009, and eventually Chattanooga in 2013. He fell in love with fitness after discovering how exercise helped him with his anxiety and depression, and also seeing the positive impact it had on those around him. It wasn’t until moving to Chattanooga that he took his first official job in the industry, joining the opening team of Orangetheory Fitness as one of the trainers. He then found a passion for one-on-one personal training at several small, locally-owned studios. After COVID-19, Josh began training a few clients in his home basement, which quickly evolved into what is now Othisi Training. Josh envisioned a training space where people of all fitness levels could feel safe, significant, and successful. Empathy became one of the core pillars upon which the studio was built. Holding personal training and group exercise certifications through The American Council on Exercise, Josh also possesses various certifications in corrective movement, strength & conditioning, and heart-rate based training. His journey and dedication to fitness continue to inspire and create a welcoming community at Othisi Training.

Jordan Hayes coach at Othisi Training

Jordan Hayes


Hi, I’m Jordan! I’m originally from Florence Alabama where I went to the University of North Alabama to pursue my degree of Fitness Management and also obtain my CrossFit level 1. I always grew up playing sports so I knew I wanted to do something involving training when I got older. While I was in college I became very passionate about health and fitness and that only grew as I got older. Clients can expect hands on, individualized training programs progressing to reach their goals through weight training, mobility and balance exercises alongside cardio. My favorite exercise is back squats, because I got stubby legs 😅

Logan Hixson coach at Othisi Training

Logan Hixson


Logan was born and raised here in Chattanooga. His journey in health and fitness started with wanting to improve his own well being after struggling with weight/health issues his whole life. Those struggles, and navigating ways to overcome them, inspired him to help others do the same. He graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2019 with a Bachelors in exercise science, and became certified by the National Academy of Sports Science the same year. His mission is to empower lifelong changes in clients through personal goal setting, safe and effective training, functional exercises, and showing that fitness is for everyone. He is passionate about making the gym a place where everyone can thrive and grow, and look forward to helping you crush your goals!

Ian Stanbery coach at Othisi Training

Ian Stanbery


Ian was born and raised in Cleveland, TN. His fitness journey began 17 years ago with a love for sports, which led him to play college football for two years. After his sports career, he decided to refocus on his health and lost 150 lbs, discovering his passion for the gym. He graduated from UTC with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, and now you can find him training others, working out, or thinking about fitness. If you catch him on leg day, you’ll see him doing his favorite exercise, barbell back squats. He truly loves everything about fitness and is excited to share his journey and help others prioritize their health and achieve their wellness goals. When you train with Ian, he’ll guide you towards your goals and empower you with the tools you need to succeed in your fitness journey.

Katie Sweet coach at Othisi Training

Katie Sweet


Katie’s been working in the fitness industry for 14 years. She started as an indoor climbing coach, then became group fitness instructor, before finally moving onto become a personal trainer! Personal training is where she thrives! Some fun facts about Katie: 1) She love’s teaching and coaching clients 2) Lifting heavy and playing with kettlebells is her jam! 3) Her fur baby Eli has her heart ❤️ 4) She’s been married for 9 years to her husband Marc Dillon 5) She did not change her last name. Sweet is just too…. Sweet 🧁 6) She used to be obsessed with climbing 🧗‍♀️ That’s why she moved to Chattanooga! 7) She’s the youngest of 6 and has 13 nieces and nephews ❤️ 8) She love 80s music and dancing her booty off 💃

Sheri Yoshida coach at Othisi Training

Sheri Yoshida


Originally from the south suburbs of Chicago, Sheri graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in Psychology which somehow evolved into a successful career in commercial insurance and risk management. Along the way, she was inspired by the desire to have strong bones and healthy, fit pregnancies and started lifting weights with a personal trainer. It wasn’t until she became an expatriate in Saudi Arabia many years later that she pursued her passion for fitness. While living overseas, Sheri completed self-study certification courses from ACE (personal training and health coaching), AFAA (personal trainer), nutrition coaching (Precision Nutrition), and became Schwinn certified as a spin instructor. While Sheri admits this love of learning was inspired primarily for her own benefit, she soon discovered a second career sharing her knowledge and passion with other women in her expat community. When you train with Sheri, you can expect a thoughtful approach that includes progressive overload, stability, and mobility training. You can definitely expect some glute work, because any variations of the barbell hip thrust and single leg Romanian deadlift are her favorite exercises!

Sola Onward coach at Othisi Training

Sola Onward


Sola, Originally from the streets of East Chattanooga, started her journey in health & wellness after being abandoned in a field and rescued by the owner, Josh. She has been an integral part of Othisi Training’s journey and takes her job as the emotional support gym dog very seriously. You can find her snoring in her gym bed, cuddling with clients during their rest breaks, or keeping guard at the front door.


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