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Jesica Shipley
Jesica Shipley
August 11, 2023
This place is one of my favorite places in Chattanooga. I’ve been working out here for 1.5 years and just completed 100 workouts which is HUGE for me. I found Othisi randomly via a reco when I was desperately looking for a trainer to help me start working out as a part of anxiety and SAD treatment, as well as to work through some other health and physical strength, mobility , and endurance concerns. All of the trainers are incredible, and Josh and Mae have held space for me and challenged me in such a beautiful way to help me gain muscle, build strength, build better mobility, learn more about how the body moves, work through mental and physical blocks, and so much more. Plus, every-time I come I have the freedom to show up exactly as I am. No questions. No expectations other than just that. That I showed up for myself. I can’t imagine not working out here. Plus my progress is 🤯. Can’t say enough about this gym, these trainers, my friends 💕✨🤗
John Linderman
John Linderman
August 5, 2023
Big shout out to Othisi Training and their amazing staff. I have completed over 170 workouts with Josh and Maegan with whom I now consider extended family. I have been a member of every gym. I have tried every diet on the planet. I decided to try personal training and it all but corrected years of bad gym form. Josh and Maegan provide qualified instruction on a personal level. Your physical and mental health is your best investment and personal training is the key to reaching your goal. Choosing Othisi Training was the best decision I made for me!
ashley stinson
ashley stinson
August 2, 2023
I LOVE training at Othisi! During my assessment we discussed goals and Katie created a program tailored to meeting me where I was at to get where I wanted to be! All of the trainers are so knowledgeable and amazing and working out in such a welcoming environment where you are encouraged and celebrated makes all the difference!
Kerry Hayes
Kerry Hayes
April 28, 2023
A wonderful gym! 💪🏼 I hate working out but I love this place!
Crystal Boehm
Crystal Boehm
January 16, 2023
Training at Othisi is the BEST thing I've ever done for myself!! I am so much stronger than I was 4 months ago. If you want an amazing staff, great facility and comfortable environment to be in it, this is it!!!
Brooke Pickel
Brooke Pickel
January 13, 2023
Amazing community of people who really care about your health and overall wellbeing. It’s very personal and a safe space for people at any level. I’m SO much stronger now than I ever was before! ☺️
Elias Marrero Jr
Elias Marrero Jr
January 12, 2023
Great place to take personal training. Friendly and consistent trainers. Affordable prices as well. Highly recommended!
Elyse Bonds
Elyse Bonds
July 8, 2022
Love Othisi! The trainers here are experienced with coaching and form and are committed to help their clients achieve their fitness goals. You can start at any level and as long as you are willing to put the work in, the coaches will help facilitate your fitness needs whether it be endurance, weight loss, tone, nutrition, etc. and will track your progress so you can see how far you've come. It is a well rounded studio that is always welcoming to anyone. I've known my trainer, Maegan, for a while as well as the owner Josh and they, along with the other trainers, are knowledgeable, patient, and are always a joy to be around.

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